Captured - Chapter 10  

Harry is the photographer for the school news paper, Louis is the  Captain of the Soccer team. Harry has never been able to understand why the schools star jock hates him. He is constantly at the mercy of Louis’ ridicule, desperate to avoid the humiliation. So why is it that sparks begin to fly when Harry is assigned to photograph the Soccer team for their big upcoming tournament


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Anonymous asked:
your larry fan art is in a spanish magazine and they dont even know it's Larry omg they say your tumblr username and name omfg

Is it a magazine called S Moda?

If it is they sent me an email asking if they could use my art for their article on fan fiction, and I said they could as long as it was in good faith (ie not bashing the fandom). And I asked them to credit me as well (: I don’t really mind my art being in a magazine, as long as they have asked me permission and use it in a positive way.

All the other magazines that have used my art have done it without asking permission and also didn’t credit me, they also use it in articles which bad mouth the larry fandom. So those are the ones that annoy me ahah

I saw a little preview for the article (I believe its the same one) and it says - 

Publishers are increasingly interested in the fantastic stories that fans write on the internet about their idols.”

So it sounds to me like a nice article, if you have it would you be able to maybe take a photo or send me a link to where you found it? I’d greatly appreciate it <3 

Edit: I didn’t read the message properly, what do you mean they don’t know it was Larry?


Harry spitting water and he was literally on the ground! 08/29/14

I never owned the Hobbit book, so I bought a copy a few months ago.
And I just realised the copy I bought has been sitting in my desk, and I&#8217;ve been walking around with some other random copy and I have no idea where I got it from. 
Did I steal a fucking book from someone where the fuck did this come from

I never owned the Hobbit book, so I bought a copy a few months ago.

And I just realised the copy I bought has been sitting in my desk, and I’ve been walking around with some other random copy and I have no idea where I got it from. 

Did I steal a fucking book from someone where the fuck did this come from


Zayn in Chicago - 28.08.2014 (x/x)


Ch 9 - Page 30
End of Chapter 9


Ch 9 - Page 30

End of Chapter 9

Anonymous asked:

He is unbelievably amazing, his stage presence, dancing, outfits and singing is just perfect

I went and saw Queen and Adam Lambert last night and it was absolutely amazing. There was Brian and Roger, and then Rogers son on drums and my god Adam is such a good singer and front man.

And then Lady Gaga came out and performed as well and I just die

Listening to a stadium full of people singing bohemian rhapsody and Radio gaga and we are the champions was just so awesome. And then they did a tribute to Freddie with Love of my life and everyone in the crowd sung a long and it was so beautiful and god I almost cried.

Sorry I wasn’t able to respond to the messages people have sent me the past couple days, I didn’t have internet so I will be responding to you guys a little later tonight. I was able to rewrite Captured when I was in the hotel room and I’ve been able to fix up the things that were causing issues to me. Thank you guys for sending me so many supportive messages and advice for the comic <3

Ch 9 - Page 29


Ch 9 - Page 29

Anonymous asked:
do you have the plot planned out for the zombie comic after captured??? :)

I have actually fully written it out (in dot point/paragraph form) from start to end. I’m very excited to start it I just need to finish Captured first.

I’m sort of at a point with Captured where I hate it so much I don’t know what to do. Like I wrote Captured in 2012 when I was in highschool and loved the whole cliche american jock/nerd romance shit. And now that I’m older and have been out of highschool for 2 years and have started UNI I now get really bored by those story lines.

So I try to re-write the ending for Captured to make it less cliche and more interesting but it just ends up getting all muddled up. And then I decide to just stick with the old story line and just finish it the way it was meant to be. But then I get all embarrassed and feel stupid because the story line is literally cringe-worthy and pathetic and boring and childish and I just uhg.

I try to re-read Captured so I don’t contradict things that have happened in the past and I cannot because I get so embarrassed. And then I get messages from people being like “you said this in Chapter whatever, but now it’s different in the recent chapters” or “since when did such and such happen” or “I’m so confused about whats happening”. And it makes me feel like such a failure, to fuck up something I’ve worked on for 2 years.

So I’m stuck between making the decision of;

1. Brain-storming and re-writing the shitty ending to try an make it interesting. But in turn probably making the comic not make any sense.


2. Just finishing it the way it’s written, get over my embarrassment and just get it done so I can move on with new projects.

Like it’s been 2 years this is ridiculous. And I don’t have anyone who I know personally who reads the comic so I don’t have anyone to be like “hey what did you think of this part” or “did that scene make sense” or just someone to be honest with me and tell me what parts work and what doesn’t work. And someone to run my decisions by before I do them so I can get told “its good” or “its shit redo it”.

Two fucking years to just hate everything is really fucking with my head and I’m really sorry for ranting but I’m just so pissed with myself and feel so dumb and I’m sorry your question was so simple and straight forward and I just went off on a rant and sorry


art meme: spring and winter in paris

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.” ― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast