Anonymous asked:
Weird question, but I always have trouble drawing harry's head. -_- Do you know of a shape his head may resemble to make it easy? xx

i dont know how else to explain it sorry ahahah

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Anonymous asked:
Where can I find you on society6?

Here is the link to my page

I’ve updated some stuff on there and I’ll do some more tomorrow as well (:

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Anonymous asked:
Could you do the picture of Louis and Harry from jay's wedding as a fleece blanket or duvet? Id love to purchase one for when I go to the concert!

Of course (:

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Anonymous asked:
so are you not gonna do anymore of those character colour scheme drawing things from a while back ??

Oh no I’ll be doing those too, I want to do all 18

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Anonymous asked:
would you be able to put the drawing of Louis cuddling kitty cat harry on Society6? That one is so adorable.

Of course, tonight I’ll go through and update my society6 with my new drawings and then make a post of all the new things that are up (:

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Anonymous asked:
Is cheer a sport? Like allstar cheer not pom squad. I'm in an argument with my friend about it.

I don’t really know the main differences but I would say yes

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Anonymous asked:
You should make up a queue for your comic! Like make multiple pages at a time so when you don't have the proper time or the motivation to create them, then you still have extras that you can upload on the days that you have planned out. That way people don't keep asking and whatnot. :) I'm a comic artist myself and that's how I do it. Just a suggestion for you.

Yeah that’s a good idea actually, I already have about the next 10 pages sketched out so I might try and get a bunch done over the weekend

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July 2nd   Düsseldorf, Germany
July 2nd   Düsseldorf, Germany


Anonymous asked:
I was wondering if you intend on still drawing about Exo? :)

Atm I’m not planning anything with exo, taken a little bit of a break since Kris left ahha I’m still bitter

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I hate it when I get inspired to art

and then I art

and the art says no

Anonymous asked:
What's the meaning of your url?

Not much really, just an old username I used to use or everything (started with runescape in like 2005-6)

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