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Harry is the photographer for the school news paper, Louis is the  Captain of the Soccer team. Harry has never been able to understand why the schools star jock hates him. He is constantly at the mercy of Louis’ ridicule, desperate to avoid the humiliation. So why is it that sparks begin to fly when Harry is assigned to photograph the Soccer team for their big upcoming tournament



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Chapter Ten (Updated on - 18 October)

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How to read Captured

The page layout is set up into 3 columns. Read left to right down the first column, then the second, then the third. (for first two chapters)

Is Captured based off a fan fic?

No, Captured is my story

Can I write a fan fic version of Captured?


How old are the boys in Captured?

Liam & Louis - 18 y/o

Harry, Niall & Zayn - 17 y/o

When will the next update be?

I update on Mondays and Tuesdays

The pages are too small and I cannot read the writing.

Captured can also be read on my DeviantArt here. It is a lot clearer and easier to read there.

How many chapters do you plan on making?

I don’t know

Will there be smut in the manga?


Is Louis wearing a butterfly necklace?

Yes, and it does have significance but it won’t be revealed until towards the end

Can I translate your manga?

I’m not accepting anymore translators sorry